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Pecularities of US Government

Which is an example of a government monopoly in the United States?

an example of a government monopoly in the United States

State monopoly (fiscal monopoly) is the state monopoly on the production and sale of consumer goods. It can be complete if the state monopolizes the production and sale of goods, or partial if only production or only implementation are monopolized.

State monopoly: short description

The creation of a state monopoly is carried out with the help of legislative barriers. Legal documents define the commodity borders of the subject of a monopoly and the forms of control over it. At the same time, one company is granted the exclusive right to carry out one or another kind of activity. These organizations are public. They are subordinate to chapters, ministries, etc. State monopoly groups enterprises of the same industry. This leads to a lack of competition in the market.

State monopoly examples include:

  • activities that are associated with the circulation of psychotropic and narcotic drugs;
  • work in the field of military technical regulation;
  • issue of cash and the organization of their circulation;
  • stamping and testing of products made of precious metals;
  • production and turnover of ethyl alcohol;
  • export and import of selected goods.

Which is an example of a government monopoly in the United States? This is the United States Postal Service (USPS).

What is the USPS?

The USPS is the main postal service operator in the United States. It is an independent agency of the US Federal Government and one of the largest organizations in the world. The staff of the USPS is about 800 thousand people. The official history of the service begins in 1775.

USPS is a full member of UPU (Universal Postal Union). Thus, cooperation with other national postal services is achieved and, to date, the postal item sent from the US via the USPS can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world.

List of services provided

The postage for sending mail and parcels across the United States includes delivery from Monday to Saturday (except for federal holidays) to any address, mailbox, to a regular post office or a US military post office.

The postal service does not deliver a parcel heavier than 70 pounds (31.75 kg) or if the length and width together are greater than 108 inches (274.3 cm). Parcels that do not meet these criteria are processed by other delivery services. Mail sent by a class lower than the first will not be forwarded to a new address or will be returned if an additional fee is not paid. Deliveries outside the continental US usually take longer.

To date, USPS provides the following postal services:

Express Mail:

  • in most cases, the next day delivery is possible;
  • depends on the destination and time of shipment, as there are certain collection hours for such mail, usually once a day;
  • if you send mail in the evening, then it is likely that it will be redirected further only the next day;
  • delivery on Sundays and weekends is available at an additional cost;
  • the price includes insurance in the amount of $100;
  • envelopes for shipments are sold at a fixed rate or the cost of departure depends on its weight, size and destination.

Priority Mail:

  • delivery within 2-3 business days;
  • prices depend on weight, size and destination;
  • there are envelopes, boxes with a fixed price;
  • delivery time is not guaranteed.

First Class Mail:

  • fast delivery within 2-3 business days for letters and small packages;
  • fixed rates depending on size and weight: postcards (up to 5 × 3.5 × 0.007 inches) – 28 cents; letters (up to 11.5 × 6.125 × 0.25 inches and weighing up to 3.5 ounces) – 44 cents + 17 cents for each additional ounce; large envelopes (up to 15 × 12 × 0.75 inches and weighing up to 13 ounces) – 88 cents + 17 cents for each additional ounce;parcels and packages (up to 108 inches (length + width) and weighing up to 13 ounces) – $1.13 cents + 17 cents for each additional ounce.

Parcel Post;

Media Mail;

Library Mail.

For certain types of items, the following services may be additionally provided:

  • guaranteed refund if the mail is not delivered on time;
  • tracking number;
  • Delivery Confirmation service, etc.

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