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Pecularities of US Government

What is Democracy?

Democracy is:

  • a form of government that ensures the real power of all citizens of the state and respect for their rights and freedoms;
  • running by means of opinion;
  • the essence of democracy is in providing each opinion with the opportunity to express itself in the free, fair and equal competition of any opinion with other opinions, as well as the ability to subject any opinion to reasonable criticism and reconsider any decision, provided that the foregoing does not violate the framework of the law based on right;
  • democracy does not guarantee that decisions made by citizens through democratic procedures will always be effective, rational and correct, but it guarantees that any decisions of citizens will be open for review;
  • the goal of democracy is not the victory of one opinion over another, but the consideration of all opinions for a joint search for rational and correct solutions to achieve social compromise and civil consensus; democracy is not a result, but a process;
  • democracy is not a political regime and not a method of organizing politics, but a way of functioning and development of the whole society, the logic of interaction of all its parts, reflecting their internal structure and in turn influencing it;
  • democracy is of universal importance as a way to implement any social interaction;
  • democracy rests on fundamental principles, not on uniform practical solutions;
  • democracy is expressed in the rules, norms, procedures, tools, methods, mechanisms, systems, social institutions and laws, determined by fundamental principles.

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