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Pecularities of US Government

USA Facts

The United States is one of the largest world powers, so it is not surprising that we know a lot about this country from the movies, news releases, and stories of friends and acquaintances. However, in this article, we have collected the most interesting and at the same time the most non-trivial facts about the United States of America.USA Facts


  • The first Ferris wheel in the world. It was installed at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. It could accommodate 2160 passengers at the same time!
  • The world’s first supercomputer. It was created in 1963 in Minnesota by Control Date Corporation. Three years later, the US government denied the company the right to export their computer to France in order to prevent the French atomic program.
  • The first sunbathing product. It was invented in 1944 in Miami Beach by pharmacist Benjamin Green.
  • Device for making cotton candy. It was invented by dentist William Morrison and confectioner John Wharton in 1897 in Nashville.


  • It is forbidden to walk along Noble Street in Anniston (Alabama) in jeans blue. There is a version that the law appeared from the desire of the street residents to emphasize their “nobility”.
  • Sexually explicit material. 400 words of a sexual origin were cut from Romeo and Juliet in New Mexico by official order.
  • It is forbidden to dance in a sombrero in New Mexico.
  • Cacti under the protection of the law. Anyone who in some way harms the rare saguaro cactus is imposed to the risk of visiting a jail (maybe for a whole year).

According to law

  • In the city of Cresskill, all cats must wear three bells so that the birds always know about their location. This is done in order to protect the rare birds from the attack of cats.
  • Repair parts are not placed in a garage. According to the law in Long Beach, a car is the only item that can be stored in a garage.


  • In Lafayette, those people who spit in a radius of fewer than 1 m from other people can be condemned.
  • Plate guard. In Florida, it is not allowed to break more than 3 plates per day.

Disappointing facts

  • Grand Canyon. 55 people died after falling from the edge of the Grand Canyon. 39 of them were men. 8 of these men try to get a great photo.
  • Whiskey. Jack Daniel, the creator of the same whiskey, died under completely stupid circumstances. He came to work early in the morning and tried to open the iron safe, but having forgotten the combination, he kicked it. The result is a broken finger and an infection that has become fatal.
  • The tallest man in history. He died at the age of 22. Robert Wadlow is the tallest man in history according to the Guinness World Records. At the age of 8, his height was 188 cm. At the age of 9, he could carry his father in his arms. Because of the enormous his body weight, he uses crutches, one of which rubbed a bone, which caused blood intoxication and death. At the time of death, Robert’s height was 272 cm.


  • English is not an official language. The state language is not established in the USA, although English is certainly the most common language in the country.
  • Clothespin sculpture. Installed in the center of Philadelphia. Its height is 15 m.
  • 2016 in Sugar Land, Texas, the USA. In the early summer of last year in Texas, there was created Selfie Statue.
  • Mayor Stubbs, a cat. He headed the city of Talkeetna (Alaska) since 1997.
  • Not a single murder. It was not committed a single murder in Slaughter, Texas.


  • The very first hamburger. It was made in Athens, Texas.
  • Oatmeal State. This is one of Alabama’s nicknames. However, Alabama is not associated with the oatmeal, which is so loved in the UK, but with the reed-bird – a symbol of the state.
  • Wedding at Dunkin ’Donuts. Coffee lovers decided to get married in a coffee shop in Philadelphia (2005).
  • Mars Inc. It was founded in Minneapolis in 1920 and presented us with the Milky Way, Snickers, and so on.
  • In Pennsylvania. They love chips. The state has as many as 6 companies that produce them.


  • April 1, 1974. A prankster set fire to hundreds of car tires in the crater of an extinct Edgecumbe volcano, so that everyone thought it was awake. So immediately a reconnaissance helicopter was called. When the pilot was right above the mountain, he could not believe his eyes: there was a burning “April Fool” note.
  • Einstein’s famous photo. It was made in New Jersey, near Princeton University, where the physicist worked on this day (March 14, 1951) and celebrated his 72nd birthday. When Albert Einstein got into the car, the journalist asked him about the photo. Einstein showed his tongue and turned away, thinking that the journalist would not have time to take a picture, but he did!
  • Midnight sun. In some parts of Alaska, the sun does not set for 84 days. For example, in the city of Barrow, it can take almost three months without sunset.

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